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Natasha Hoen (née Poleshuk),  is a multidisciplinary artist known for her innovative fusion of painting and sculpture. Her distinct artistic expression is characterized by the use of acrylic paint combined with various gel mediums, applied to non-traditional canvases like wood and Plexiglas panels. Natasha's sculptures are especially noteworthy for their incorporation of upcycled plastic and natural elements, making her a standout artist in the realm of environmental sustainability in contemporary sculpture.

Born in 1976 in White Plains, NY, and having her artistic sensibilities nurtured in Florida's vibrant landscapes, Natasha pursued her passion for art at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. After earning a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Painting in 2000, she briefly attended Yale University's Masters program, choosing later to explore a more personal artistic path. This journey included significant life experiences such as work, marriage, and motherhood, which deeply influenced her artistic perspective.

Natasha's work has an abstract-surrealist aesthetic, deeply influenced by nature's colors, shapes, and uniqueness. Her artistic process uniquely balances meticulous detail with dynamic, creative chaos. Her art resonates with those interested in contemporary art, especially those drawn to innovative uses of materials like recycled plastics in sculpture.

Her creations are not just visually striking but also engage viewers in a dialogue about the intersection of art, sustainability, and the natural world. Each piece is an exploration of whimsy and wonder, inviting the audience into a space where art transcends traditional boundaries. Natasha Hoen's work is a must-see for enthusiasts and collectors of contemporary art and sculptures, particularly those interested in environmentally conscious art using recycled materials.

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